PETALUMA YOUTH LACROSSE is a non-profit, volunteer, athletic organization dedicated to teach, grow and honor the sport of youth lacrosse in Petaluma, CA.

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PYL General Information

When Does the Season Start?
Our first practices start in early February and our first games start in March. Games are played at various times on either Saturday or Sunday and may involve travel to Marin or the East Bay. The regular season usually ends at the beginning of May and can extend to the beginning of June for post season play. Please see our Registration FAQs for more specific information.

Is Lacrosse a Contact Sport? 
Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport. Boys in U8 play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. For ages U10 and older, physical contact is allowed and is taught by coaches appropriately.
What equipment is needed and where can I purchase it?
Boys need a helmet, chest pads, elbow guards, a stick, cleats, an athletic cup, and a mouthpiece. Rib guards are optional. Girls require a stick, eye goggles, a mouthpiece and cleats.
Starter kids are available at SlingIt Lacrosse. Equipment can also be purchased at any major Sports Retailer. A water bottle with a long bent straw is highly recommended so players can drink while still wearing their helmet.

Do you Accept Players Without Any Experience?
The goal of PYL is to encourage the development of the sport of lacrosse. We accept players at all age and experience levels although space may be limited due to the size of specific teams.

How are teams determined?
In many Divisions, we field multiple teams. At the beginning of each season, there are skill evaluations and players are placed on a team based on ability.

Why do you have Player Assessments?
PYL sponsors multiple teams at most age levels. The opportunity to group players on teams by similar skill level and experience will enhance their development and provide a better lacrosse experience.  We want our players’ lacrosse experience to be fun and instructive.  The assessments are intended to guide the coaches in determining how best to structure the teams.  These are not try-outs with cuts, but rather skill assessments only.  All registered players will be placed on a team.  There are no assessments for girls teams.
How do you Evaluate Players? 
Players that exhibit the more advanced lacrosse skills, athleticism, and positive attitude will be selected to play on the more competitive team within the age group. The number of players that try out at specific positions also influences the decision.  Players that are selected to play at the highest level within their age group will have to reconfirm their commitment to make all the practices and games before they are placed on the team.
We conduct player assessments for the U10, U12, and U14 boys teams during two Sundays in early November. Players are required to attend at least one session and it is recommended that they attend both sessions. The players are evaluated by a team of coaches during the assessment days.

Who provides the Uniforms? 
Parents/Guardians need to purchase game uniforms.  Shooter shirts, the jersey that goes under the team uniform are provided.  Team Jerseys and shorts (boys) and skirts (girls) are required and cost $57 total, or $28.50 for each.  For an additional $30, you can have your player's name on the back of their game jersey. Girls uniforms will be provided to players and must be returned at the end of each season. 
How Do I Get Involved?We rely heavily on parent volunteers to help us ensure that PYL runs smoothly. There are many volunteer opportunities and you will be given an opportunity to lend your support of time during the online registration process. 

What Are The Age Breakdowns for Spring 2018 Season?

Newly Formed NCJLA  Age Groups for Spring 2018 Season
U14: 9/1/2002 - 8/31/2004 (7th and 8th grade) 8th graders born before 9/1/2002 are
automatically eligible to play U14).
U12: 9/1/2004 - 8/31/2006 (5th and 6th grade)
U10: 9/1/2006 - 8/31/2008 (3rd and 4th grade)
U8:   9/1/2008 - 8/31/2009 (2nd grade)

Will we have to travel far for games?
Each team plays roughly half of their games at the field of the opposing Club. There will be games in Marin County and the Bay Area.

How can I learn more about Lacrosse?
Check the Lacrosse Links section of our website, where you can learn more about the extremely interesting history and sport of lacrosse.