PETALUMA YOUTH LACROSSE is a non-profit, volunteer, athletic organization dedicated to teach, grow and honor the sport of youth lacrosse in Petaluma, CA.

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PYL Coach Selection Process

All Interested coaches for boys and girls youth teams (U9 - U15) will be required to participate in the following Coach Selection Process:
  • Each potential coach will complete a pre-interview questionnaire. The prior-season survey results, the questionnaire, and the personal interview will all be factors in determining coach placement.
  • The Coach Selection Committee will interview all potential coaches. The committee will develop a final list of Coaches and coaching positions including age group and head or assistant coach.  The Athletic Director will approve the list and submit it to the PYL Board for final approval.
  • The Coach Selection Committee will include the following persons: Athletic Director, Boys or Girls Director (respectively), a High School Coach, and the PYL President
Coaches will be evaluated in the following areas:

Equal application of coaching discipline–all players, regardless ofability, will receive the same treatment inregards to following the instructions of the coaching staff and in adhering to the discipline being taught. (ie: no favorites)

Coaches will abide by any known rule and will attempt to adhere to them to the best of their ability.(ie:eligibility, equipment rules, etc.)

Coaches will, where possible and when requested, attempt to honor the requests of parents and/or players to try positions other than the position usually played by their children. (i.e no pigeon holing)

Coaches will conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship (Humble in victory, gracious in defeat), treat opponent players, coaches and officials with respect and courtesy.